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Mission Statement

Our mission at Salon Symphony is to make the beauty industry more productive. Through innovative software and world-class customer service, everything we do is centered around streamlining communication and collaboration.

Core Values


Always show up and shine.

Core Habits

Add value in every interaction.


Be the best version of yourself.

Core Habits

Be kind to the world around you.


Grow 1% together every day.

Core Habits

Keep a culture of connection and collaboration to reach higher.


Zero politics.

Core Habits

Build connections. Not interjections.


Learn to love. Love to learn.

Core Habits

Adopt a growth-first mindset.


Normal sucks.

Core Habits

Never settle for the status quo.

Our Focus

Our objective is to shape and share the way the world works – endlessly striving for success. Like all beauty businesses, Salon Symphony is a blend of art and science — fusing behavioral psychology, business development, diversity and inclusion, and change management to drive forward progress.

Global Productivity

Our Purpose

Communication, collaboration, performance, and productivity. These are the four pillars on which Salon Symphony was built.

Everything we do as a salon software company ties back to these pillars, guiding us to transform how the beauty industry harnesses technology.

That’s why we developed our platform to be sophisticatedly simple.

With decades of salon development experience, our team is comprised of industry leaders and savvy salon partners – together with these cross-functional alliances, we can forge new paths to deliver world-class customer service and superior software products that accelerate the entire beauty industry.

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Traction Roadmaps

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