A single space to store and share your docs

Keep all your docs accessible and develop your #DreamTeam with on-demand resources and virtual learning materials.

It's time to ditch the pen and paper

With a central hub for all your resources — handbook, policies, agreements — staff will always know where to find them and what’s expected.

Upload all your training resources

Upload product guides and boost retail sales with product knowledge resources.

Add training videos and inspirational media

Upload, manage and share videos. Plus create playlists and track video views. Upload, manage and share video content. Create playlists and categories, plus track the number of views to keep a pulse on engagement. 

Create audio playlists to improve dialogue

Add audio files to improve dialogue.

Let's Grow, Together.

Claim early access and discover a new way to empower your salon tribe. Plus, enjoy an exclusive offer.

Let's Grow, Together.

Claim access and discover a new way to empower your tribe. 

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Dollar Value Targets ($)

like Retail Per Client Ticket (RPCT)

Percentage Targets (%)

like New Client Retention Percentage

Number Value Targets (#)

like Total Clients Pre-Booked/Month

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Business Plan

Subscription Overview

The primary difference between plans is the number of users and the storage space. The more users, the more productive. The more productive, the more profitable.

Assuming the average document you upload is 200 KB (a non-compete contract, for example) then 10 GB of storage is equivalent to 100,000 documents.

Once you reach your 20 User limit, you'll be prompted to upgrade to the Business+ Plan, giving you access to 10 additional users and 20GB of cloud storage!

Yes, all plans include all features of Salon Symphony.

We can automatically downgrade you to the Essential Plan at your next renewal date. Your subscription will remain active at its current level through the end of the billing period.