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Software built to supercharge staff

Educate and engage your team with the power of Salon Symphony’s all-in-one Employee Management Software.

Measure and monitor RSVPs to 🚀 engagement.

RSVP confirmations — Going, Interested, and Not Going — allow you and your team to track who is and isn’t going to certain events.

Post upcoming events, plus track RSVPs.

Align your teams and assign your tasks, create one-time or recurring tasks for staff with automated reminders and deadlines.
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Software Built to Supercharge Staff

Educate and engage your team with the power of Salon Symphony’s all-in-one Employee Management Software.

Event Types 🚗💨

Owners and managers can quickly add in-salon classes, webinars, team huddles, celebrations, and more.

Post Upcoming Events

Posting events within Salon Symphony’s Admin Panel is a breeze.

Events are posted to your team’s feed (via Salon Symphony’s mobile app) where members can view event details, RSVP, set reminders, and more.

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Events Feature Use

Use Case Example

Kim, owner of XO Salon & Spa, holds a Team Rally once a quarter for her entire staff.

From her dashboard, Kim navigates to Add Event » Recurring » Quarterly.

Kim names her event “Team Rally” and chooses Recipients » Everyone. For her event Banner Image, she drags and drops a team photo taken at the last rally.

Lastly, Kim hits Post Event and – voila! – the “Team Rally” event will be posted to her staff’s feed automatically every 3 months!

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Business Plan

Subscription Overview

The primary difference between plans is the number of users and the storage space. The more users, the more productive. The more productive, the more profitable.

What is 10GB of storage space equal to?

Assuming the average document you upload is 200 KB (a non-compete contract, for example) then 10 GB of storage is equivalent to 100,000 documents.

What happens when I reach my user limit?

Once you reach your 20 User limit, you'll be prompted to upgrade to the Business+ Plan, giving you access to 10 additional users and 20GB of cloud storage!

Does the Business Plan have every feature?

Yes, all plans include all features of Salon Symphony.

What if I need to downgrade to Essential?

We can automatically downgrade you to the Essential Plan at your next renewal date. Your subscription will remain active at its current level through the end of the billing period.